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harukawa              kotoe              ryousuke              ryuuji              ruriko              shihomi              kohinata              suzuri              amamoto              hisayo              kyouichi              mitsue              ittoku              shizuki              akimichi              katsuko              sukekiyo              yanada              koutaro              hidemi              miyasako              eijiro              jinnouchi              shinpachi              kishitani              ashikawa              shioya              jouji              mihoko              eisuke              nakamaru              tamae              kakinouchi              chikao              utako              shihoko              masayo              shuuhei              choji              sotaro              sonosuke              masae              madono              sosuke              kyusaku              yousuke              yuika              nekogami              miyo              tomisaburo             

Examples of "yukika"
Yukika Sohma (1912 – November 8, 2008) was a Japanese scholar and the founder of the Association for Aid and Relief.
In "Nerima Daikon Brothers", the character Yukika Karakuri/Deb Sukarno/"Lady Deb" is a parody of Dewi Sukarno.
Sorry (ごめん) "Gomen" is a 2002 Japanese film by director Shin Togashi. It is a coming of age drama about the confusion of first love set in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan. It was the debut feature for many of the child actors, including the leads Masahiro Hisano (Sei) and Yukika Sakuratani (Nao), and the second film by director Togashi.
Ozaki was opposed to militarism and was sometimes confined by the authorities for expressing unpopular views. He could also applaud those whose beliefs differed from his own. For example, in 1921, would-be assassins rushed into his house while he hid in the garden with his daughter, Yukika. The father of one of these dangerous young men later approached Ozaki to apologize in person for the actions of his son. Ozaki immediately responded with a 32-syllable "tanka" poem, which he handed to the surprised man:
Carli Mosier is an American voice actress and singer, who has worked for ADV Films, Funimation and Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions Japanese anime series. At ADV, she voiced characters on many anime shows starting with "Mythical Detetive Loki Ragnarok" and "Godannar". She voiced Sayoko in "Moeyo Ken", Yukika in "Nerima Daikon Brothers", and Yuri Kurosu in "Magikano" She also voices Wilhelmina in "Shakugan no Shana", Astraea in "Heaven's Lost Property", Akira Yoshii in "Baka and Test", Rin Tosaka in "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya", and Yuko Amamiya in "" She sings the fifth ending on Funimation's dub of "One Piece".
He married teacher and folklore author Yei Theodora Ozaki, who was not related to him despite sharing the same surname as her maiden name. For many years, her letters were frequently delivered by mistake to him, and his to her. In 1904, after the death of his first wife, the two met and married. Of the couple's three daughters Yukika Sohma was to become Japan's first female simultaneous English/Japanese translator. She claimed to represent her father's legacy because, she stated, she was only following in her father's footsteps as president of Japan's Association for Aid and Relief (AAR Japan), one of the network of co-laureate organizations honored with the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.