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Examples of "yukmouth"
In 2005, while Spider Loc and friends were engaged in a fight with rapper Yukmouth and his companions in a Los Angeles nightclub, one of Spider Loc's friends stole jewelry from Yukmouth, which was later ransomed by its owner, Yukmouth. Yukmouth has said that the two have made up.
Yukmouth is CEO of Smoke-a-Lot Records, which is distributed by Rap-a-Lot Records. The label is home to established artists such as Luniz, Dru Down, Thug Lordz (Yukmouth, C-Bo & Spice 1), The Regime, and Yukmouth himself.
Java Starr - Troubled Waters - "Lost" Featuring Twista & Yukmouth
Killa Thugs is an album by Rappers Yukmouth & Killa Klump.
Million Dollar Mouthpiece is the fourth studio album by rapper Yukmouth, released February 12, 2008 on Rap-A-Lot and Smoke-A-Lot Records. Shortly after this release, Yukmouth left Rap-A-Lot Records.
I'm Good: Tha Mixtape is a 2006 Mixtape by rappers Yukmouth & Killa Klump.
"CMJ" – "...Yukmouth delivers intelligent, rugged verses over Mike Dean's piano loops and throbbing bass kicks..."
100 Racks is an album by Yukmouth and Messy Marv in 2006.[]
"Flight Risk" includes guest appearances from Yukmouth, Styles P, Turf Talk & C-Bo, amongst other artists.
Block Shit is a collaborative album by Bay-Area rappers Yukmouth and Tha Gamblaz, released on November 13, 2001.
Yukmouth first met The Game at a club, at the time Yukmouth was engaged in a feud with 50 Cent and G-Unit. The Game released a diss track aimed at the rapper over the "I Got 5 on It" beat, a song which Yukmouth recorded when he was a part of Luniz. Yukmouth responded with a track that mocked The Game's appearance on "Change of Heart". The two later tried to bury the hatchet, due to a personal friend and even recorded a song together with C-Bo's protégé Speedy, named "Peace". However the rivalry continued afterward, since Game dissed Yukmouth on the "Peace" song (they recorded their verses separately). [3] Since then, Yukmouth responded by releasing the song and music video "Game Over Part 2" over Fabolous' "Breathe" instrumental in which it parodied Game. In the video there is a lookalike of the rapper getting robbed and beaten up. Yukmouth claimed on the song that Game had a tongue ring and was slapped by mogul Suge Knight. Since the West Coast Peace Conference both rappers ended the feud.
Smoke-a-Lot Records, distributed by Rap-a-Lot Records, is a record label founded and owned by rapper Yukmouth and manager Kat Gaynor. The name comes from Yukmouth's Luniz nickname, "Smoke-a-Lot". The label itself is home to artists including The Luniz, Dru Down, Thug Lordz (Yukmouth & C-Bo), The Regime, and Yukmouth himself. It is also home to newcomers Ampichino, Nyce, Young Dru, and Marc Shyst. Attached to the label as in-house DJ is former Cali Untouchable DJ, DJ Fingaz.
The Playa Rich Project is a compilation presented by American rapper Spice 1. It was released November 14, 2000 on Mobb Status Entertainment. The album features performances by Spice 1, Yukmouth, RBL Posse, C-Bo, Outlawz, Jayo Felony, Tray Dee, Three 6 Mafia, B-Legit, Hot Boyz and Yukmouth.
On November 16, 2011, a major rapper Yukmouth announced a collaboration with Struggle da Preacher. It took more than a year for the single to be recorded and on July 8, 2013 Struggle da Preacher released his single Big Goals with Yukmouth.
(The Tonite Show) Thuggin' & Mobbin' is the seventh studio album by rapper Yukmouth. It was released on January 12, 2010, through Smoke-a-Lot Records.
The West Coast Don is the fifth studio album by rapper Yukmouth, released on July 14, 2009 on Smoke-a-Lot Records/Asylum Records.
Half Baked is the eighth studio album by rapper Yukmouth. It was released on April 24, 2012, through Smoke-a-Lot Records.
Godzilla is the third studio album by rapper Yukmouth, released July 22, 2003 on Rap-A-Lot and Smoke-A-Lot Records.
Parlay Starr is now currently engaged in "beef" with rappers Yukmouth and Tyga. which "beef" is no more. . . 2013
Cookies 'n Cream is a collaborative studio album by American rappers Blanco and Yukmouth, released July 10, 2012 on Guerrilla/Smoke-a-Lot Records.