Synonyms for yuliya_gushchina or Related words with yuliya_gushchina

irina_khabarova              olga_kotlyarova              antonina_yefremova              nataliya_pyhyda              sviatlana_usovich              natalia_rusakova              aleksandra_fedoriva              mariya_ryemyen              natalya_nazarova              nataliya_pohrebnyak              natallia_safronnikava              alenka_bikar              marina_kislova              ilona_usovich              yevgeniya_polyakova              zuzanna_radecka              johanna_manninen              yuliya_tabakova              olesya_povh              svetlana_goncharenko              lina_grinčikaitė              natalya_antyukh              svetlana_pospelova              olesya_zykina              marina_trandenkova              hrystyna_stuy              denisa_rosolová              natalya_ignatova              tatyana_firova              anna_jesień              jitka_bartoničková              olha_zemlyak              vania_stambolova              marika_popowicz              angela_moroşanu              monika_bejnar              muriel_hurtis              kseniya_ustalova              grażyna_prokopek              irina_privalova              zuzana_bergrová              kseniya_zadorina              anastasiya_kapachinskaya              alina_lohvynenko              olga_zaytseva              tatyana_veshkurova              lucie_škrobáková              marta_jeschke              ewelina_ptak              inna_eftimova             

Examples of "yuliya_gushchina"
She holds the current world indoor record in the rarely contested 4 x 200 metres relay (1:32.41 with Yuliya Pechonkina, Irina Khabarova and Yuliya Gushchina).
She holds the current world record in both 400 m hurdles (52.34 seconds achieved on 8 August 2003 in Tula) and the rarely contested 4 x 200 metres relay indoor (1:32.41 with Yekaterina Kondratyeva, Irina Khabarova and Yuliya Gushchina).
Ryzhova made headlines after winning gold in the 4 × 400 metres relay at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics, and thereafter kissing her Russian teammates as they received medals on the podium. On 18 August 2013 SkyNews reported the photo of the kiss between Ryzhova and Yuliya Gushchina as a political gesture but later retracted and said that there was a "huge debate on Twitter and other media about whether it was in protest at the government's anti-gay law"—a law banning "homosexual propaganda" in Russia.
During the medal ceremony for the women's 4×400 metres relay images of Kseniya Ryzhova and Yuliya Gushchina sharing a kiss on the lips spread through social media and were interpreted as a protest against the anti-gay laws. Both Ryzhova and Gushchina denied any intention to make such a protest, rather they were simply happy with their athletic success, and stated that they were married to men. Although reports were principally focused on the pair, all four of the Russia relay runners briefly kissed each other on the podium. Ryzhova described her assumed connection to LGBT as insulting. The Russian Minister for Sport, Vitaly Mutko, said that Western media had over-emphasised the issue, noting that same-sex relations are not illegal in Russia and sparser coverage of the issue in domestic media.