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yuanyuan              xiaoyan              yuping              xiaomei              yanfeng              yonggang              xianying              liping              yongqing              guowei              jiaqi              lirong              yijun              yuzhen              xiaoyang              xiaoxuan              yunpeng              xiaoying              wenbin              xiaoxiao              lihua              jingyu              weili              chenxin              yanbin              aihua              jiali              chunhua              chunyuan              xiaohong              chunli              guohui              shuxian              weiping              yuting              xinyue              xiaojun              xiujuan              minwei              haiqing              feifei              hongyu              jiawei              xiufeng              shixiang              yongliang              liangying              xiaoguang              xiaobing              jianhua             

Examples of "yumei"
Yumei () is a female given name of Chinese origin. It may refer to:
Her teammate Liu Xiaomei finished second in 10.89s and Tian Yumei completed the podium in 11.06s.
Wang is married to Yumei Wu, a mathematical physicist also at Baylor and they live in Waco, Texas, USA.
Liu Yumei (; born July 17, 1961) is a former Chinese handball player who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
Runje Shaw was married to actress Chen Yumei, who became Tianyi's number one star after Hu Die defected to rival Mingxing Studio in 1928. In 1934, Chen Yumei was voted the "Movie Queen" by the Shanghai newspaper "Movie Life", likely with the help of Shaw, who reportedly bought many of the votes. However, in the same year Chen married Shaw and retired from acting.
Yumei Yoselyn, Jesús Vidaña's 21-year-old wife, was pregnant when her 27-year-old husband got lost at sea. She also had a four-year-old child.
Chen Yumei was born in the town of Menghe (孟河) in Changzhou, Jiangsu province in 1910. Her name at birth was Fei Mengmin (费梦敏).
In 2013, Gan acted as Dongfang Yumei in the historical television series "Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties", she received positive reviews.
Guangxi twice Olympian veteran Tian Yumei finished third with a time of 11.06 seconds; equaling her personal best she had set in the semi-finals.
Wang Yumei (, born 1934 in Jinan, Shandong) is a Chinese actress who has won a Golden Eagle Award, a Golden Rooster Award and a Hundred Flowers Award.
Tian Yumei (; born 28 December 1965) is a Chinese former track and field sprinter. Her personal best of 11.06 seconds for the 100 metres was set in 1997. She was a three-time Chinese champion in individual sprints.
Three prominent Chinese bankers were among the passengers killed in the incident. They were Hu Yun, Chairman of the Bank of Communications, Singloh Hsu, General Manager of The National Commercial Bank, and Wang Yumei, an executive of the Central Bank of the Republic of China. Their deaths were a significant loss to the Chinese banking industry.
In the final, she finished fourth in 11.10 s in a race won Li Xuemei in 10.79 s. Liu Xiaomei won the silver medal in 10.89 s and twice Olympian Tian Yumei took the bronze, crossing the line in 11.06 s.
She represented China at the 1992 Summer Olympics, reaching the quarter-finals of the women's 100 m and running in the first round of the 4 × 100 metres relay with team mates Tian Yumei, Chen Zhaojing, and Xiao Yehua. Relay gold came later that year for the quartet at the 1992 IAAF World Cup.
On the 100m event, she won her heat in 10.90s, breaking her own Asian and national record. She crossed the line in 11.03s to qualify for the final, beating the Guangxi experimented sprinter Tian Yumei and one of Sichuan's top runner Li Yali, who both set new personal bests.
In 1934, the newspaper "Movie Life" organized the second poll for the "Movie Queen", and Chen Yumei won the title with 30,232 votes. However, it was alleged that Tianyi's boss Runje Shaw bought numerous copies of the newspaper and cast multiple votes to help her win.
Chen Yumei was known for extolling the virtue of frugality and was nicknamed the "frugal star". She frequently appeared in public wearing a "cheongsam" made of plain cloth, and was once seen smoking a very cheap brand of cigarettes at a high-profile party.
From #101 to #126, the comic was written and drawn by Katie Bair (with assists from Robby Bevard), had a title change (shortened) to just "NHS", returned to black and white, and the setting changes to Hawaii. The only major character who carries over from the previous cast is Yumei Katana. This run was later collected into individual volumes under the new title, "Ninja High School: Hawaii".
Chen Yumei (; 1910–1985) was a Chinese film actress and singer active during the 1920s and 1930s. In her heyday she was one of the biggest stars in China, crowned "Movie Queen" in 1934. At the peak of her career she married Runje Shaw (Shao Zuiweng), the boss of Tianyi Film Company, and retired from acting. She was nicknamed the "frugal star" for her efforts at promoting the virtue of frugality.
Thereafter, Ruan became Lianhua's major film star. Her most memorable works came after 1931, starting with the melodrama "Love and Duty" (directed by Bu Wancang). Ruan had by then gained popularity owing to a string of lead roles, and in 1933 she was voted second runner-up in a poll held by "Star Daily" (明星日報) for China's "movie queen". (Hu Die emerged the winner and Chen Yumei was first runner-up). Beginning with "Three Modern Women" (1932), Ruan started collaborating with a group of leftist Chinese directors.