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yong              ying              hao              chun              jeong              yue              hui              kang              jin              jing              xue              meng              xiao              zhong              chong              xiang              ting              qiao              tian              hua              yan              jian              zhen              jia              hwang              jeon              ling              dou              qiu              huo              heng              rong              geng              sheng              ching              jie              yao              guan              peng              dong              lian              shao              fung              wei              choi              chae              xing              ahn              jang              kwang             

Examples of "yun"
He was the great-grandfather of Yun Jeung through his daughter, Lady Seong, who married Yun Hwang and produced a son, Yun Seon-geo, father of Yun Jeung.
"(Korean: 공포의 과외선생; Starring: Kim Byungman, Yun Seokju, Yun Seongho)"
Yun Yeong-ryeol(윤영렬, 1854/1843 – 1939) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier. nickname was Gyungjae, Yeongu. uncle of Yun Chi-ho and grandfather of Yun Bo-seon, father of Yun Chi-young.
Yun Chi-ho was the uncle of Yun Bo-seon, who was President of South Korea in 1960 and Yun Il-seon, a first Korean pathologist and anatomist.
Yun Hui-Chun is spelled as Yun Hi-Chun in the official report.
Yun Chi-oh (Korean:윤치오, Hanja:尹致旿; born 5 August 1869; died 22 December 1950) was a Korean educator and politician. He was a member of the prominent Yun family of Korea, which also included Yun Chi-ho (statesman and activist for Korean independence), Yun Chi-young, and Yun Bo-seon (South Korea's 4th President). His nickname was Dongam (동암, 東庵) and his courtesy name was Jajung (자정, 子正). Yun was born in Dunpo, in Asan County in Chungcheongnam-do.
Aimee Yun Yun Sun (; born May 14, 1978) is a Taiwanese socialite, heiress, media personality, jewelry designer, businesswoman, celebrity endorser,
It houses the Yun Isang Music Institute. The Yun Isang Music Hall, home of the Isang Yun Orchestra, is adjoined to the Pyongyang International House of Culture and houses further cultural facilities. It has a capacity of 600 seats.
The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway and
General Yun Ung-nyeol or Yun Woong Niel (also known as Yun Ung-ryeol (윤웅렬, 1840-1911), was Joseon Dynasty and Korean Empire's soldier and politician. a member of Party Gaehwa(개화당;開化黨).
Yun Chi-chang(윤치창;尹致昌, 1899–1973) was a South Korean diplomat, politician and businessman. Nicknamed Namgye (남계;南桂), he was the brother of Yun Chi-wang and half-brother of Yun Chi-ho.
The Isang Yun Orchestra () is a Western-style chamber orchestra in North Korea. Named after the composer Isang Yun, the orchestra is attached to the Isang Yun Music Institute in Pyongyang.
Empress Sunjeong was born "Lady Yun of Haepyeong" in Seoul and her father was Marquis Yun Taek-yeong, the Lord of Haepung. Yun Bo-seon, 2nd president of the Republic of Korea, was her ninth cousin three times removed.
The Yun Range () are a mountain range running north-south in Yunnan province. They were formerly romanized as the Yun Ling and as the Yun-ling Mountains. The Yun Range is a significant component of the greater Hengduan Mountains. The province of Yunnan, meaning "south of cloud [mountains]", was named after this range.
Yun Wen's ministers had bad influence on him. They persuaded him to kill his uncles, including Zhu Di. But Zhu Di didn't allow it and battled against Yun Wen, and won it, all the way to Nanjing. Even if he defeated Yun Wen, Zhu Yun Wen managed to escape.
The Lesser Yun faction continued to attack their opposition. In 1546, Yun Won-hyeong impeached his older brother, Yun Won-ro, who was executed a few days later along with his followers. Facing no opposition from the government, Yun Won-hyeong became Minister of the Interior in 1548, Vice Premier in 1551 and ultimately Prime Minister in 1563.
Yun Chi-sung (hangul:윤치성, hanja:尹致晟, March 2, 1875, Asan - August 11, 1936) was an Imperial Korean general, politician and independence activist. His nickname was Ahkyeon (악연, 岳淵). He was the uncle of Yun Bo-seon, and the cousin of Yun Chi-ho and Yun Chi-Wang.
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yun left Korea for Nigeria in 1964 at the age of 10, following his father, Dr. Suk Woo Yun, who was a doctor with the World Health Organization. Yun was educated from middle school on in the United Kingdom, earning his bachelor's degree from the Cardiff University in 1976, and Master of Science (1977) and Master of Philosophy (1981) degrees from the London School of Economics. He met his wife, Melanie Billings-Yun, at LSE and they were married in 1977. They have one son, Matthew Yun. Before joining the Foreign Service, Yun was a senior economist for Data Resources, Inc., in Lexington, MA.
Isang Yun, also spelled Yun I-sang (17 September 1917 – 3 November 1995), was a Korean-born composer who made his later career in Germany.
Fong Yuk Shi was a student of Lay Yun. Some of Fong Yun Shi's students were Chan Hon Hung and Lum Siu Larp.