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yongqing              linli              songtao              yanping              xiaonan              zhimin              qinglan              weili              wenbin              weiping              xiaoyan              cuihua              yuhui              yanfeng              yuzhen              jianping              yumei              yijun              xianying              dabao              yanming              zhaohui              xinyu              huimin              jingyan              yongsheng              baohua              weicheng              lingyun              limin              xiaoxuan              xuesong              wenyi              jiali              yufeng              jianmin              weiyan              zizhou              jingang              jiping              yunfeng              xiaohua              lijia              jiafu              xiaohong              lijie              hongyu              leping              yumin              ronghua             

Examples of "yuping"
Tongren South Railway Station (formerly Yuping East Railway Station)is a railway station of Shanghai–Kunming High-Speed Railway located in Yuping Dong Autonomous County, Tongren, Guizhou, People's Republic of China.
The county produces a special instrument "Yuping Flute" (玉屏箫笛).
Qian Yuping (born October 6, 1966) is a Chinese professional Go player.
Actual case: The case is based on 2006 Mao Yuping credit fraud case. Mao Yuping wife of Shanghai tycoon Zhou Zhengyi was sentenced to 32 months in prison for conspiracy of defrauding letters of credits worth HK $49 million (US $6.32 million). Mao Yuping is also known for famously slapping Hong Kong actress Kristy Yeung in 2002 at a restaurant in public for having an affair with her husband Zhou Zhengyi.
Popular scenic spots in Kam-speaking territories are the Jiudong region, Liudong region, Chengyang village, Pingdeng region, and Yuping region.
Yuping Dong Autonomous County (Chinese: 玉屏侗族自治县; Pinyin: Yùpíng dòngzú Zìzhìxiàn) is an autonomous county in Tongren Prefecture, Guizhou Province of China.
Yusan Expressway (Simplified Chinese:玉三高速公路, Traditional Chinese:玉三高速公路) connects the cities of Yuping and Sansui County in the Chinese province of Guizhou. It is part of Hukun Expressway.
He qualified for the Athens Games by winning the gold medal at the 2004 Asian Amateur Boxing Championships in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. In the final he defeated PR of China's Lei Yuping.
Cai was born into an educated family in Beijing on October 21, 1961, and she is of Hui people ethnic group, the daughter of Tian Hua (), a doctor, and Cai Yuping (), a professor at Capital University of Economics and Business.
Liu Dao, Chen Qingqing, Chen Yufei, Han Qing, Jiang Weitao, Li Gang. Liu Qinghe, Lu Peng, Shi Zhongying, Su Xinping, Tan Ping, Wang Lifeng, Wang Yuping, Xie Guoping, Zheng Xuewu, Zhou Jirong, Zhou Jun.
Chen Qiguang (2013:39) reports that the ancestors of "Naxihua" 那溪话 speakers had migrated to their current location from Tianzhu, Liping, and Yuping counties of southeastern Guizhou during the early 15th century. According to Shi Lin (2015:126), the Naxi Yao had migrated from Gaoyi Township 高椅乡, Huitong County 会同县, Hunan Province in 1403.
The Investiture of the Gods is a Chinese shenmo television series written by Bing Tian, Gu Hanchang, Ouyang Yuping and Yu Youchen. The television series are based on the classical novel "Fengshen Yanyi" (also known as "Investiture of the Gods" or "Creation of the Gods") written by Xu Zhonglin and Lu Xixing.
Located Within Hunan is Changsha South, Xiangtan North, Shaoshan South, Loudi South, Shaoyang North, Xinhua South, Xupu South, Huaihua South, Zhijiang and Xinhuang West. 10 stations are located in Guizhou province, Yuping East, Sansui, Kaili South, Guiding North, Guiyang East, Guiyang North, Pingba South, Anshun West, Guanling, Puan and Panxian. Located in Yunnan province, are Fuyuan North, Qujing North, Songming and Kunming South, with four other stations proposed for the province.
The Kam (Dong) have a population of 2,514,014, found mainly in counties such as Liping, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Jingping, Sanshui, Tianzhu, Jianhe, Zhenyuan, Chengong of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Yuping, Jiangkou of Tongren Prefecture in Guizhou Province, Xinhuang, Tongdao, Chengbu, Zhijiang, Jingxian, Huitong and Shining etc. in Hunan Province; Sanjiang, Longsheng, Rongshui in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Enshi Xuan'en, Xianfeng in Hubei Province (Yang Quan et al. 1994).
To furthermore promote Wushu, Linn invited another group of Chinese Wushu experts to Sweden. Tai Chi Champion of the Asian Games Su Zifang (蘇自芳) and all-round Wushu champion Zhang Yuping (張玉萍) (today Foreign Affairs Section Chief of Chinese Wushu Association), came to Sweden several times and stayed from three month up to a year to perform and teach standardized Wushu in Sweden between 1986 and 1990.
According to the "Shaoyang Prefecture Gazetteer" (1997), language varieties closely related to Southern Kam are spoken in Naxi , Dongkou County (which had 4,280 ethnic Yao in 1982 (Chen 2013:39)) and Lianmin , Suining County. However, they are officially classified by the Chinese government as ethnic Yao, not Dong. Chen Qiguang (2013:39) reports that the ancestors of "Naxihua" speakers had migrated to their current location from Tianzhu, Liping, and Yuping counties of southeastern Guizhou during the early 15th century.
The township is divided into 19 villages, the following areas: Shuanghe Village, Heping Village, Chang'an Village, Xinhe Village, Xinping Village, Dayong Village, Guangya Village, Yuping Village, Tian'e Village, Mashan Village, Zhumugang Village, Jinping Village, Xinquan Village, Xinzhuang Village, Xin'an Village, Wantian Village, Xinqiao Village, Tianshan Village, and Xinyu Village (双河村、和坪村、长安村、新合村、新坪村、大庸村、广垭村、于坪村、天娥村、麻山村、株木岗村、金坪村、新泉村、新庄村、新安村、碗田村、新桥村、天山村、新峪村).
Cho defended the Honinbo title once more, which would lead to him defending it again and again until 1999. He did terribly (in Cho terms) due to not making it through to the Meijin. In the same year, more international tournaments come to be. These include the Tong Yang Cup and the Fujitsu Cup. Cho wasn't very successful in these, winning only one in 1991, the Fujitsu Cup. He lucked out in the 1991 Fujitsu Cup because his opponent Qian Yuping had health issues to pay attention to and couldn't compete in the final. He lost the Judan once more and lost the play-off of the Kisei. His record looked better when he ended with 30 wins and 17 losses. 1992 was nothing special. The only events to note are his defending of the Honinbo and losing the semi-final of the Ing Cup. Remnants of the old Cho were coming back with his 31–16 record.
In October 2011, Feng Jianmei, who was a 22-year-old woman from the small village of Yuping in Zeng Jia Township, Shaanxi province, became pregnant with her second child. She had married in 2006 and given birth to a girl in 2007. After listening to the advice of relatives, Feng and her husband, Deng Jiyuan, had believed they would be allowed to have a second child since they had waited five years between children and lived in a rural area. According to Zhenping County officials, authorities had contacted Feng in March 2012 and told her that she needed to obtain documentation, including a new household registration (referred to as "hukou"), in order to file an application to have the child. Her family denies this, saying that officials did not notify them until several days before the abortion was induced.
On the map, Xinhuang County looks like the insertion of a wedge on the eastern margin of Guizhou Province. It is the westernmost county of the province, the county is surrounded by Guizhou to the north, west and south. it is bordered to the north by Wanshan District of Tongren, to the west by Yuping, Zhenyuan and Sansui Counties, to the north by Tianzhu County, to the east by Zhijiang County. The county covers , as of 2015, it has a census registered population of 258,246 and a permanent resident population of 249,100. The county has 9 towns and 2 townships under its jurisdiction, the county seat is Huangzhou Community (晃州镇晃州社区).