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For "Shimajirō Hesoka", the first opening is titled by Aki Toyosaki and the second opening is titled by Yusuke Kamiji. The first ending song is titled by Fusanosuke Kondō and the second ending theme is by Tomomi Ukumori
The group was disbanded in January 2009. Since then, Takeshi Tsuruno and Yusuke Kamiji have pursued solo musical careers, while Naoki Nokubo has returned to drama acting. Tsuruno has released two cover albums and released a single with another Hexagon Family vocal group, and Kamiji recording under the name "Yusuke" (written with different kanji than his legal name) has released three singles through the Sony Music Records label. The group also reunited to record a song with all of the Hexagon Family artists.
In the early stages of the program, people like Shin Koda, Akane Osawa, and Saki Fukuda became semi-regulars, and within the program they were dealt with as ""O-baka"," but beginning around the time of September 2006, when Mai Satoda became a semi-regular, the situation changed. She did not once beat the other regular guests in the preliminary test and came to monopolize the lowest ranking, and the ""Obaka tarento"" who had appeared to this point little by little stopped being treated as ""Baka"." Due to this, from all around the image of "Last Place = Satoda" became strong and it often became joke material. However, in 2007 guests at the same level or worse than Satoda - such as Takeshi Tsuruno, Yukina Kinoshita, Suzanne, Yusuke Kamiji, and Naoki Nokubo - became semi-regulars, and Satoda's monopolized status was reduced. From there, the six people - joined with Satoda - were called the "6-man "Baka" Group," and became featured performers on the show. In 2007, the CD debuts of the three women, as Pabo, and the three men, as Shuchishin (when together, the six-person group was called aladdin), were huge hits. Currently, they have moved from semi-regulars to become regulars, and have become popular tarento, become regulars on other shows as well.
Within the small production, a terrorist organization known as takes over the TV Asahi studios in Tokyo. The group led by Daidō Oda (Yusuke Kamiji) demands that the Japanese government release their leader Seizan Tokugawa (Show Aikawa), who was arrested after the group's human experimentations came to light. The Shade cell is assisted by the brainwashed Goro (SMAP's Goro Inagaki), but when he sees that his girlfriend Eri Hinata (Yumiko Shaku) is amongst the hostages, he regains his memories and turns on the Shade terrorists. Oda is forced to reveal himself as the Phylloxera Worm, and reveals that several other Shade members have been converted into Worms. Goro transforms into Kamen Rider G to take on the Worms, defeating them all save for Phylloxera who is much too strong for him. Just then, Kamen Rider Decade and the other Heisei Kamen Riders appear to give Kamen Rider G the confidence he needs to destroy the Phylloxera Worm with his Swirling Rider Kick. As the Phylloxera Worm says in his last breath that the war is not over, Goro reunites with Eri before proclaiming he will protect the world from Shade's evil influence.
In 1999, Itō debuted in a commercial for Otsuka Pharmaceutical. In 2000, her first appearance as a cut model in the September issue of the magazine "CanCam". In 2002, Itō, with models such as Mika Hijii, appeared on the visual unit "Chao". The same year, they became the idle unit D★shues released a CD. In 2003, she appeared in "Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger" as Ranru Itsuki/Abare Yellow. In 2005, Itō played a role of a student for three months topic English "Hāto de kanjiru eibunhō" (NHK Educational TV), the next year she appeared in colleague in the "Conversation Edition". In 2006, her first main role in a film was "Love saiko-kyōwaku no horā "Saikō no kareshi"". The same year, Itō played the leading role as Shiori Sano in the TBS Ai no gekijō, "Suites Dream". In 2007, she was earnest to advance stage from, she appeared in the center of the blockbuster. In 2008, Itō played the leading role as Tamaki Nanase in Fuji TV daytime drama series "Aishū no Romera". In 2009, she appeared in Fuji TV's "Hontoniattakowaihanashi", she played with Yusuke Kamiji. In March 17, 2010, Itō married to a construction company executive which was announced in February 10. In November 2010, she left Stardust Promotion. In 2012, Itō was appointed to the voice guide of narration in Iwakuni Museum in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture.