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Examples of "yvoir"
Yvoir was the host city of the 1975 UCI Road World Championships
The municipality consists of the villages Dorinne, Durnal, Evrehailles, Godinne, Houx, Mont, Purnode, Spontin and Yvoir.
Today there is no contact with Stromberg or Givet, and contact was broken with Yvoir before being reestablished in 1997.
The 1975 UCI Road World Championships took place on 27 August 1975 in Mettet and Yvoir, Belgium.
This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Yvoir. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.
Poilvache Castle () is a ruined medieval castle in the municipality of Yvoir in the province of Namur, Belgium, overlooking the village of Houx from a clifftop on the Meuse River.
Spontin Castle () is a medieval castle in the village of Spontin in the municipality of Yvoir, province of Namur, Belgium. It has massive walls, its towers topped with slate and a moat with drawbridge.
In the hamlet of Bauche in the commune of Évrehailles which is situated in the municipality of Yvoir a castle named as "Le Harnoy" was previously named as "Le Château d'Aubreby".
The Brasserie du Bocq is a Belgian family brewery founded in 1858 by Martin Belot. It is based in the valley of the small river Bocq in Purnode (near Yvoir).
Yvoir () is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Namur. On 1 January 2006 the municipality had 8,450 inhabitants. The total area is 56.84 km², making it a population density of 149 inhabitants per km².
The Bocq is a small river in the province of Namur, southern Belgium, right tributary of the Meuse. Its source is in Scy, a hamlet of Hamois. It flows west through Hamois and Spontin, and into the Meuse in Yvoir.
In August 1975, the UCI World Road Championships were held in Mettet and Yvoir, Belgium. For the Championships, the Polish national cycling team was provided with Stelbel frames built specially for the event. It was the debut of Stelio Belletti’s product in an international competition.
John Farmer was born in London on 12 January 1917 and educated in Germany and Switzerland as well as the Jesuit College at Godinne-sur-Meuse (now part of the commune of Yvoir) in Belgium. He continued his education at Beaumont College, Windsor, United Kingdom.
The women's A squad currently plays in Ere Divisie, the highest level of the Belgian volleyball league pyramid. In the 2008–09 season, they achieved promotion to this level for the first time in their history, when they defeated penultimate placed Ere Divisie side VC Mosan Yvoir after playoffs. De Haan, champions of 2008–09 champions of First National League B, had missed the opportunity to promote directly after losing the playoffs against DV Hasselt, champions of 1st National League A.
Kuiper turned professional in 1973 with the small German team Haro-Rokado. His career took off in 1975 when he signed for the Dutch team, Frisol, where he got more chances to shine and formed a partnership with José De Cauwer (who worked for Kuiper in races) that lasted until 1980. The 1975 season saw Kuiper become world champion at Yvoir in Belgium, winning a tough race over 260 km, with 21 ascents of a climb.
PFT have taken over the 21 km long Ciney - Spontin - Yvoir railway line (also known as line 128) and operate it as the Chemin de fer du Bocq (CFB) heritage railway. It retains a connection to the national network at Ciney, which facilitates PFT using main line locomotives at their events. A gala is held every year around 15 August. During 2012 CrossRail AG provided a class 66 locomotive as a feature. In 2015, 16 kilometers (between Ciney and Evrehailles-Bauche) are operational. In 2016, the terminal section between Ciney and Braibant will be completely rebuilt. Connexion with the national railway trains at Ciney is thus suspended.