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Examples of "zabludovsky"
Two of the best known Polish-Mexicans are the journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky, and his brother, the architect Abraham Zabludovsky.
Zabludovsky was born in 1928 in Mexico City to Polish Jewish immigrants. He was the brother of Abraham Zabludovsky (1924-2003), a famous architect.
Abraham Zabludovsky (born Abraham Zabludowski Kraveski; June 14, 1924 – April 10, 2003) was a Mexican architect. He was the brother of the well known journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky.
In 1974 she was asked to anchor her own segment on the news show "24 Horas" with Jacobo Zabludovsky, an important news show at that time. She worked with Zabludovsky and others on the show for the next twelve years.
After leaving "24 Horas", Zabludovsky worked on special newscasts and documentaries. However, in 2000, he resigned from the Televisa network following the resignation of his son, Abraham, who also worked for Televisa. Zabludovsky claimed that his son had been overlooked for the position of night time news anchor and that he was resigning out of solidarity with him.
Rehavam Amir (Zabludovsky) (; January 1, 1916 – April 4, 2013) was an Israeli ambassador, civil servant and former parachutist with the Hagannah.
Zabłudowski is a Polish masculine surname, which may be spelled in other countries as Zabludowski, Zabludovski or Zabludovsky; its feminine counterpart is Zabłudowska. The surname may refer to:
On September 7, 1970, "24 Horas" debuted and became one of Mexico's most watched news programs. The host, journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky, anchored the program for almost 3 decades.
Jacobo Zabludovsky Kraveski (May 24, 1928 – July 2, 2015) was a Mexican journalist. He was the first anchorman in Mexican television and his TV news program, "24 Horas" ("24 Hours") was for decades the most important in the country.
Yan Yanakiev, Ernst Romanov, Andrei Ponomaryov, I. Myachina, Anatoli Rudakov, Aleksandr Berda, Sergei Losev, Yevgeni Barkov, Yuri Dedovich, Yevgeni Dergachyov, Mikhail Devyatkin, Yefim Yoffe, Nikolai Makarov, Viktor Solovyov, A. Strepetov, Aleksei Vanin, Ye. Yerofeyev, O. Yudi, Yu. Zabludovsky
At the age of 18 he started working as a journalist for the daily "El Heraldo de México" and two years later he joined Jacobo Zabludovsky in the television news program "24 Horas".
The museum contains collections of pre-Columbian art once owned by artist Rufino Tamayo. It is housed in a building constructed in 1979 by the architects Teodoro González de León and Abraham Zabludovsky. The displays are arranged according to aesthetic themes.
Zabludovsky was a well known anchor man hosting "24 Horas," the main news program on the popular Televisa network between 1970 and 1998. Owing to the nonconfrontational approach of the network, the programme was perceived as partisan and supportive of the government.
The original museum was designed in 1972 by architects Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León. After various hiatuses at the planning stage, construction began in 1979 on a plot of land donated by the government in Chapultepec Park; the building was completed two years later.
Woodside started her career as a model for a boot company called Bobby Boots in Mexico. She then moved to the news programs within Televisa where she gave the weather forecast, next to news shows with hosts including Joaquín López-Dóriga, Ricardo Rocha, and Juan Ruiz Healy. She then joined the work group of Jacobo Zabludovsky where she developed entertainment and cultural TV capsules.
At age 39, Cárdenas became the first publicly declared lesbian in Mexico when, revealed her sexuality on the TV show "24 horas" hosted by James Zabludovsky, during an interview about the firing of a gay employee. In the 1970s, she pioneered the gay liberation movement in Mexico, elaborating on the subject in several television interviews.
The National Auditorium is considered among the world's best venues by specialized media. It was designed by Mexican architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and Gonzalo Ramírez del Sordo, and remodeled by Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León. There are concerts, art, theatre, dance and more.
Zabludovsky died of a stroke caused by dehydration at the age of 87 in Mexico City on the morning of July 2, 2015. He was buried at Mexico City's Israelite (Jewish) Cemetery that afternoon. He is survived by his wife Sara and three children.
From 1998 to 2000 he was anchor of the nightly news emission in "El Canal de las Estrellas" (Channel 2) of Televisa, entitled "El Noticiero with Guillermo Ortega", in place of 24 hours, with Jacobo Zabludovsky. In 2000 he left Televisa and was replaced with Joaquín López-Dóriga.
Rehavam Amir was born in Vilnius, Lithuania (then part of the Russian Empire), as Rehavam Zabludovsky. His parents were Malka (née Silman) and Yitzhak-Eliezer Zabludovsky. From an early age Rehavam received a Zionist education. He studied in a Tarbut High School and continued to the Teachers' College in Vilnius. In 1935, having received an Aliya certificate sponsored by his uncle, the poet Kadish-Yehuda Silman, Rehavam came to Eretz-Israel, then Palestine under the British Mandate. He arrived in Jerusalem and stayed with his relatives in the neighborhood of Beit HaKerem. There he completed his studies in the local Teachers' College under the directorship of Prof. Ben-Zion Dinnaburg–Dinur. Upon graduating, Rehavam went to teach in Yavne'el (then a frontier settlement) in Galilee, where in time he was to meet his wife to be Avital Brandstatter. In 1939, requested by the Hagannah, he moved to Tel Aviv and taught at the Gretz Elementary School.