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Examples of "zannini"
Zannini was accused in 2012 of 38 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and other forms of corruption .
Marcel Zanini (real name Zannini, born September 9, 1923 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a French jazz musician.
Marc-Édouard Nabe (born 1958), whose real name is Alain-Marc-Édouard Zannini, is a French writer.
Marc-Édouard Nabe (born Alain Zannini, in Marseille, France), is the only son of the Greek-Turkish-Italian jazz musician Marcel Zanini and Corsican mother Suzanne Zannini. He grew up in Marseille, before moving to Boulogne-Billancourt in 1969.His father, who became successful with "Tu veux ou tu veux pas" in 1970, acquainted him with jazz musicians and painters.
In 1987 he was appointed Secretary of Municipal Government in Rio Gallegos. When Kirchner was elected governor in 1991, Zannini was appointed Minister of the Interior of the province. When Cristina Fernández resigned from the provincial legislature to join the National Congress, Zannini was elected to replace her. In 1999 he was appointed by Kirchner as president of the Superior Court of Santa Cruz.
After the 1976 coup because of his membership in the Communist Vanguard, Zannini was arrested and held in the prison of La Plata for four years. Eventually he was released and completed law school. In 1982, Zannini organized “the Peronist boys” in El Carmen.
Zannini held various positions within the civil service, mostly in the province of Santa Cruz, and invariably at the right hand of Kirchner.
Zannini has been described as having been a Kirchnerite from the very beginning and as having “never left” the fold. “First at the local level of Rio Gallegos, then in the provincial government and finally as president,” writes one source, “Nestor Kirchner was always flanked by Zannini, the man who drafted speeches, decrees, bills and, above all, telling him where and when or not to sign it.” Zannini has told both Kirchners “what to veto, whom to appoint to key positions,” and so on. Nothing happens in the government “without his permission and supervision.”
In 2003 auto-produces with his band the album variations on a theme and a few months later he collaborated with Mario Zannini Quirini in drafting new texts.
In recent years, more high end employment has been brought to the town with the opening of industrial estates in the town such as at Srah Industrial Estate. Employers here include the following multinationals, Sennheiser, GeneMedix, Covidien, Isotron and Zannini.
Alberto Carlos Zannini (born August 27, 1954 in Villa Nueva, Córdoba, Argentina) is an Argentine lawyer and politician. He has been the Legal and Technical Secretary for President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner since 2003.
Zannini was born in the small town of Villa Nueva, in eastern Córdoba Province. His father was a bricklayer and his mother was a housewife. In his childhood he was a serious tennis player.
It has been surmised that his strength lies not in his influence on the President’s decisions but in his ability to interpret the President’s wishes. Although it is Vice President Amado Boudou who formally replaces the president when she is ill, Zannini has been described as being the real seat of power in her absence. Buenos Aires Province Governor Daniel Scioli, the front runner in the Kirchnerist Front for Victory primary for the nomination, named Zannini as his running mate in his campaign for the 2015 presidential election.
The Patria institute was established in Argentina in 2016, by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She ended her term of office as President of Argentina in 2015, and this institute works as the headquarters of her political activity since then. Former members of her cabinet have offices in the institute as well, such as Oscar Parrilli, Carlos Zannini and Teresa Parodi.
Zannini has also been described as being perhaps the one person most responsible for “the progress that has been made in building the Kirchner model.” He has allegedly succeeded in “cornering power” through methods drawn from Antonio Gramsci which “are much more effective than the armed struggle” that he and others engaged in during the 1970s.
Zannini has been described as “one of Kirchner’s most trusted men” and as “the power behind the President.” It has been said that his key attribute is his ability “to interpret the decisions of Cristina Kirchner” and to take “the political decisions of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner throughout the ‘winning decade’ and translated them into decrees, resolutions, and bills.”
Zannini also directs the Kirchnerist youth organization, "La Cámpora". He has been described as the man who runs this group “from the shadows,” while it is nominally run by Máximo Kirchner, says Laura Di Marco in her book about La Campora.
She eventually reopened her salon and held it thus till her death. She was a patroness of Canova and a correspondent with Chateaubriand. She wrote many letters, many of which went to her niece Adriana Zannini, Marc Antonio Michiel, Contessa Marina Beneti Cicciaponi and many others. In her later years she had to wear an ear trumpet for she became deaf. On April 6, 1832 she died surrounded by her friends and grandchildren at the age of 77.
A scientific committee composed of academic historians produces a shortlist of books each year at the end of May. For the period 2017-2019, the committee is chaired by Tommaso Piffer and composed of Elena Aga Rossi, Roberto Chiarini, Ernesto Galli della Loggia, Charles S. Maier, Paolo Pezzino, Silvio Pons and Andrea Zannini. The winner is selected by a group of 200 readers and the final result is announced in September in Udine.
Carlos Zannini, the Executive Legal Advisor for the Kirchner administration, was accused in 2012 of several charges, including embezzlement of public funds, money laundering, and corruption. From 2003 to 2011 his personal wealth was reported to have increased by nearly thirty-eightfold (in pesos). A complaint was filed to this effect with Judge Norberto Oyarbide; the case was suspended for a time and only recently was the complaint further pursued.