Synonyms for zariyab or Related words with zariyab

rasmiya              mawto              nurollah              mozzub              matveyevsky              shaival              khiste              nahada              haidershah              oryakhel              mnajed              dalichand              mazhom              safayeh              jatal              khaala              aznab              uuganbayaryn              mafakhir              mahmuduzzaman              yaqubzai              koregah              qorans              manjay              bedenir              samiur              dadawala              nothun              kaurji              matvar              samaas              brahuyi              vaanamudhe              sokolluzade              mukhametzhan              hashmot              beighi              nawasra              etelaf              rejishh              sarmeh              naayagam              ninthavur              pyurova              jeragan              bosundhora              rangbaz              khugyani              palizban              jakia             

Examples of "zariyab"
It is a story of an unlucky girl Hadiya, who was unknowingly married to a psychic man, Zariyab. Zariyab is an unlucky son of a billionaire, who always kept his mental illness secret and after arranging his marriage with Hadiya, they spread the news that she is a depression patient. They even called a renowned psychiatrist, Shah Mir, to treat her. But fate had other plans as Shah Mir turned out to be her ex-lover and college mate. He gradually came to know that Hadiya has been trapped but this time he helped Hadiya by treating Zariyab's illness but no therapy or medication worked on him. During the process, Hadiya once again fell for Shah Mir and Zariyab's family finally realized their mistake which was later put right with her divorce from Zariyab.