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Examples of "zdechlik"
In addition to Bencriscutto, Zdechlik studied composition and theory under Paul Fetler and Dominick Argento. Zdechlik received his Ph.D. in Theory and Composition from the University of Minnesota in 1970.
Zdechlik was the youngest of five children. He was born to a father who emigrated from Poland in 1910, though the surname Zdechlik is Czech in origin. Zdechlik had musical influences growing up - his grandfather was a church organist, his father regularly played recordings of Beethoven and Victor Herbert, and his parents enrolled him in piano lessons at age six. Zdechlik's parents encouraged musical pursuits but did not pressure him.
Zdechlik was elected to the American Bandmasters Association in 1989 and currently resides in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
In high school, Zdechlik began playing E-flat alto horn before switching to trumpet. During his high school years he also began to take an interest in jazz, and began to compose jazz band arrangements under the tutelage of his trumpet instructor Harry Strobel and local arranger and jazz pianist Herb Pilhofer. According to Zdechlik, he was most interested in jazz ensembles in the style of Stan Kenton and Count Basie and he began to arrange works in a similar style for individuals and bands in the Minneapolis area, including the Denny Murphy Band. Zdechlik also credits the work of jazz pianist George Shearing as an important early reference of learning tonal harmony.
John Zdechlik ("Zuh-DEK-lik") (born 2 May 1937) is an American composer, music teacher, and conductor. Zdechlik has been elected to the American Bandmasters Association and many of his compositions have become standard concert band repertoire, including Chorale and Shaker Dance and Psalm 46.
Zdechlik enrolled as a music education major at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 1957. He spent two years teaching at the high school level and one year at St. Cloud State University before returning to the University of Minnesota for his master's and doctorate degrees. While pursuing his graduate degrees, Zdechlik worked closely with Frank Bencriscutto, serving as his assistant from 1963-1970. Following the death of Bencriscutto in 1997, Zdechlik penned Hats Off to Thee, a composition for brass ensemble and timpani in memory of Bencriscutto.
Chorale and Shaker Dance is a musical composition for Concert band composed by John Zdechlik. It is a popular part of the band literature, and frequently performed by student ensembles.
In 1970, Zdechlik began his tenure at Lakewood Community College (now Century College) in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, where he served for nearly three decades as conductor, professor, music department chair, and resident composer until his retirement in 1997.
John P. Zdechlik used "Simple Gifts" in "Chorale and Shaker Dance," a 1972 composition for concert band. In 2004, Robert Steadman arranged the tune for orchestra featuring an off-stage trumpet and a thumping, dance-music influenced finale. Frank Ticheli also wrote a version of "Simple Gifts", presented in "Simple Gifts: Four Shaker Songs".
Soon thereafter, a commission from Bloomington Jefferson High School in Bloomington, Minnesota resulted in Zdechlik's most famous work, Chorale and Shaker Dance, which premiered at the Music Educators National Conference in 1972. Zdechlik claims to have guest conducted the piece over 500 times in his career.
Thanks to Frank Bencriscutto, Zdechlik's first major success as a composer came in 1969. Bencriscutto had been commissioned to write an original work for the Concordia College Band in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but was too busy to fulfill the commitment. The commissioner, Leon Titus, agreed to have Zdechlik fill in as the composer, resulting in Zdechlik's first major compositional success, Psalm 46.
Owing to his early success as a composer for the concert band medium, the vast majority of Zdechlik's future output was also for bands, most of which are commissions from high school or college ensembles. Dozens of his works have been published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company and Zdechlik has conducted extensively throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe.
Ralph Vaughan Williams used the tune in his score for the film "49th Parallel", used most obviously when the German U-boat surfaces in Hudson Bay shortly after the beginning of the film. Flor Peeters wrote an organ chorale setting "Ein feste Burg" as part of his Ten Chorale Preludes, Op. 69, published in 1949. More recently it has been used by band composers to great effect in pieces such as "Psalm 46" by John Zdechlik and "The Holy War" by Ray Steadman-Allen. The hymn also features in "Luther", an opera by Kari Tikka that premiered in 2000.
In 1989, Hermann became the director of bands at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. At Tech, he directs and oversees a comprehensive program that includes the University Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band as well as directing the Tennessee American Legion Boy's State Band for thirteen years. Since coming to Tech, Hermann increased the band's exposure, conducting the Tech bands for NPR broadcasts, director resource CDs, and taking the bands to various conferences, including the 2008 ABA convention and the 1994 CBDNA convention. Hermann and the Tech Symphony band are responsible for numerous commissioned compositions from award-winning composers including Donald Grantham, Robert Jager, Greg Danner, Thomas Sleeper, and Rodney Waschka II. Composers such as Adam Gorb, Robert W. Smith, Gunther Schuller, James Barnes, Mark Camphouse, John Zdechlik, Jared Spears, Eric Ewazen, James Curnow, Elliot Del Borgo and Leroy Osmon have also visited and had residencies with the Tech band. Hermann's tenure at Tech has cemented him as a music educator of note, with many of his former students teaching and conducting in every facet of the wind band community. Hermann is also frequently published in journals and research documents concerning the entire scope of wind studies. Hermann and the TTU bands record frequently and are recording a CD of new music published by C. Alan Publications, which includes music by Greg Danner and Elliot Del Borgo. Hermann also oversees Tennessee Tech's annual Festival of Winds and Percussion that has featured guest conductors including Thomas Lee, Kenneth Bloomquist, Thomas Fraschillo, James Keene, James Croft, Frank Wickes, Stanley Michalski, Alan Bonner, John Bourgeois, and Harry Begian. Hermann and the Symphony Band have also appeared with guest soloists including Joseph Alessi, Joseph Skillen, Tim Northcut, Phillip Barham, Kelly Thomas, Bryce Edwards, and the Boston Brass.