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Examples of "zec_tawachiche"
The name "zec Tawachiche" was officially registered as place names of the Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Quebec) on August 5, 1982.
• Second Tawachiche Road flyover, located 5.9 km from the intersection of "Route du lac en coeur", leading to the docking station (sector Audy) of Zec Tawachiche. After the bridge, the road up the river on the right bank.
The “Rivière du Milieu” flows entirely in forest land. The route starts near the river (southeast) of Lake Wayagamac. Much of its course is located in the Zec of Bessonne, but the last kilometers through the Zec Tawachiche.
Rail line Hervey-Jonction to Senneterre (Abitibi) via La Tuque, through the zec Tawachiche. Via Rail allows visitors to take the train or stand at various stops on the territory of the zec.
All the headwaters of the river is located in the Tawachiche Zec Tawachiche which is the main watershed. Lake Masketsi () is the largest lake in this sub-watershed (river Tawachiche) of the Regional Development Plan and Integrated Resource (PRDIRT).
Many species of fish live in the waters of the zec Tawachiche include: brook trout (speckled), trout (lake trout), the splake, smallmouth bass and muskellunge. Fishing activities are subject to quotas.
Township Marmier is located east of the Lejeune Township and north-western Batiscan River. Its territory includes the Zec Tawachiche. The Tawachiche River and Tawachiche West River flow entirely within the Marmier township.
• First road bridge Tawachiche the way, leading to the docking station (sector Audy) of Zec Tawachiche. This bridge is located 1.8 km from the intersection of "Lac en coeur" road. After the bridge, the road up the river on the left bank.
Lac-Masketsi is an unorganized territory in the Mauricie region of province of Quebec, Canada, part of the Mékinac Regional County Municipality. Most of its area is part of the Zec Tawachiche. The discharge of Masketsi Lake at the south-east flows in the Little Lake Masketsi, which empties into the Tawachiche West River.
Starting at Hervey-Jonction, visitors can travel 30 km to reach the southern part of Lake Hackett. A visitor has just to take the Tawachiche road leading to Zec Tawachiche (in north-east), through the Audy sector; then take the Tawachiche East road, passing near the Lake Terrien (Mékinac).
River Tawachiche pass through a single village, Hervey-Jonction, then crosses Rang Saint-Charles and empties into the Batiscan River (which forms a sharp bend at this point), at the limit Sainte-Thècle and Lac-aux-Sables. Its main tributary, the Tawachiche West River, flows into Tawachiche river at about 13 km from its mouth (in Audy sector, at the boundary of Zec Tawachiche).
The name "Tawachiche" comes from the Tawachiche River, for which zec Tawachiche is the headwaters. As for the river itself was named after a guide Attikamek named Awachiche that have guided the abbot Severe Dumoulin during a mission in Attikameks of Wemotaci.
Located in the Zec Tawachiche, its mouth flows into the "Ruisseau des îles” (Stream of Islands), which course on 3.25 km north-west and flows into the Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac). The latter flows into the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac) which goes south to empty into the northern part of Mékinac Lake.
Several cottages are built surrounding the Tawachiche river, including several in the Audy (which has several small streets), the area of the falls in the village of Hervey-Jonction, and in the area between the village of Hervey-Jonction and the mouth of the river. Audy sector offers various services to visitors including a relay, lodging, rental cabins, camping, the docking station of the Zec Tawachiche, etc.
"Zec de la Bessonne" is a land of , located in Mauricie, in La Tuque (urban agglomeration). Its territory is shared by the city of La Tuque and municipalities La Bostonnais, Quebec and Lac-Edouard. It is bordered to the East by the Zec Jeannotte, Québec and Portneuf Wildlife Reserve, and to the South by Zec Tawachiche. It is located at east of downtown La Tuque.
Batiscan River cuts the municipal territory into two parts. The right bank of the Batiscan River has two major tributaries, the Tawachiche River and the "Propre River". The main attractions are related to the resort and tourism: five campgrounds, an important camp for students ("Lac en coeur") since 1946, an area of controlled for hunting and fishing (Zec Tawachiche) since 1979, and a beautiful golf club (the Saint-Rémi) since 1970.
Terrien Lake is located in the Zec Tawachiche, in the forest zone. Terrien lake is shaped like a large S in the north-south direction. It feeds on the north by Lake Outlet Deep and north-east by the Lake Quessi. Terrien lake is located 15 minute’s drive from the entrance of the ZEC, taking the path Tawachiche East. The path Tawachiche East bypasses the lake by the Terrien on East side.
The zec Tawachiche is a "zone d'exploitation contrôlée" (controlled harvesting zone) (zec) covering 318 km², of which 310 km² are located in Mékinac Regional County Municipality, in Mauricie, in the province of Quebec, in Canada. This zec is mainly located in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables and in the non-organized territories of Lac-Masketsi and Lac-Lapeyrère. The zec territory is situated north of Sainte-Thècle and Saint-Tite. Located approximately 80 km north of Trois-Rivières, it is bordered to the east by Portneuf Wildlife Reserve.
The mouth of the Tawachiche west river is located near the reception office of the ZEC Tawachiche. The mouth is located at 5.8 km to the "Lake à l'Auguste", 8.4 km from the dam of "Little Lake Masketsi", 8.6 km from the dam of "Lac Profond" (Deep Lake), 8.6 km from the dam of Lake Terrien and 8,7 km from Lake Missionary. The mouth is located 0.8 km from the former Audy railway station and 1.6 km from site of the former sawmill Veillet & Frères Ltée (located downstream on the banks of the Tawachiche River).
In 1978, the administration of the zec was entrusted to the "Association of hunting, fishing and resort Tawachiche inc" (Association de chasse, pêche et villégiature Tawachiche inc). Annually, the recording desk of the zec Tawachiche open at the end of April and close at the end of October. In May and June, recording hours are from 6:00 to 22:00; July to October from 7:00 to 21:00. Visitors can get at the zec various items such as worms, ice, hunting licenses, fishing and trapping. Users can also rent boats and motors. Hunters can use the government registration service for the big animals.