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Examples of "zetterstedt"
Meligramma triangulifera is a European species of hoverfly. It was described by Zetterstedt in 1843.
Nicrophorus investigator is a burying beetle described by Zetterstedt in 1824.
Spatulina is a genus name in the family Rhagionidae that is synonymous with "Ptiolina" Zetterstedt.
Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt (20 May 1785 – 23 December 1874) was a Swedish naturalist who worked mainly on Diptera and Hymenoptera.
The Olisthaerinae are a subfamily of the Staphylinidae. They are similar to the Phloeocharinae. Their habitat is under the bark of dead conifers. Their biology is poorly known. The tarsal formula is 5-5-5. In North America, two species, "Olisthaerus megacephalus" (Zetterstedt) and "O. substriatus" (Gyllenhal) are known,from Alaska across Canada to New York.
Members of the Platypezidae inhabit damp woodlands. Larvae are fungivores. Adult males form aerial swarms before mating using trees or bushes as swarm markers. Some species of "Microsania" Zetterstedt are attracted to wood smoke and wood ash. Adults may be found performing rapid erratic movements on broad leaves of both woody and herbaceous plants, evidently feeding on surface deposits.
Stettin (Szczecin) is close to Lund in Sweden, home of the great Swedish dipterist Johann Wilhelm Zetterstedt, and also to Mesritz, where Hermann Loew, the greatest dipterist of the century, was to become Director of the Royal "Realschule". Both were members of the society.
Aethes deutschiana is a moth of the Tortricidae family. It was described by Zetterstedt in 1839. It is found in south-eastern France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, northern Finland, Karelia, Bulgaria, Russia (Usgent, Altai, Alai, Sajan, Munko-Sardyk), Armenia, Iran, Japan and North America.
Zetterstedt studied at the University of Lund, where he was a pupil of Anders Jahan Retzius. He received the title of professor in 1822 and succeeded Carl Adolph Agardh as professor of botany and practical economy in 1836, retiring as emeritus in 1853. In 1831, he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
He was the father of Anders Retzius and grandfather of Gustaf Retzius. Disciples of Anders Jahan Retzius include the botanist Carl Adolph Agardh, the zoologist and archaeologist Sven Nilsson, the botanist and entomologist Carl Fredrik Fallén, and the entomologist Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt. He was also an influence on the botanist Elias Fries who arrived in Lund by the time Retzius was already an old man.
Many Nordland families are, in some cases extensively, described in written pieces especially of the 18th and the 19th century. Among these are travel journals by Gustav Peter Blom, the Swedes Johan Erik Forsström, Sven Nilsson, and J.W. Zetterstedt, the German Leopold von Buch, and the Englishmen "Sir" Arthur de Capell Brooke and Frederick Metcalfe. These families' culture, among other their way of being, society life, and dances, was different from that of ordinary people.
Other regional faunas (countries as opposed to smaller regions) of this broad date whose subject is Diptera are Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt, 1855 "Diptera Scandinaviae disposita et descripta. Tomus duodecimus seu supplementum tertium, continens addenda, corrigenda & emendanda tomis undecim prioribus". Officina Lundbergiana, Lundae (Lund), Francis Walker "Insecta Britannica Diptera", 1851–1856 and Ignaz Rudolph Schiner "Fauna Austriaca. Die Fliegen (Diptera). Nach der analytischen Methode bearbeitet" 1862-1864.
Supported by public funds, he made several research journeys, especially to northern Sweden and the mountain regions, where he first accompanied his teacher, the dipterologist Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt, as well as to other parts of the country and abroad, and published his observations in various works, most important of which is "Hymenoptera europaea praecipue borealia" (1843–1853), a foundational work on the hymenoptera. He also published "Kort underrättelse om skandinaviska insekters allmänna skada och nytta i hushållningen", the first Swedish handbook of practical entomology.
by the entomologist Wilhelm Von Winthem, who invited him to stay at his home. Meigen, found himself in the house in which the great poet and dramatist Klopstock spent the last 30 years of his life and which Von Winthem's sister, Johanna Elisabeth von Winthem, Klopstock's widow, then owned. Here he studied the Winthem collection which contained so much that Meigen had to leave a more careful review of it for his return trip. He went on to Kiel to meet Wiedemann, He also met Heinrich Boie in Kiel. Next Meigen and Wiedemann went to Copenhagen to visit Westermann and work on the Museum collection, postponing the main job on the Fabrician collection. Meigen was permitted to take all of the material away for examination. On 19 July, the two of them went to Lund, where both Prof. Carl Fredrik Fallén and Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt met them. Meigen examined Fallén's and Zetterstedt's collections at length.