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zhengjie              guozhang              renliang              jiafu              zhixing              menglong              guofu              tianweili              yunshan              zhensheng              jiasheng              yijun              wenzhong              leilei              panfeng              jiaweiwang              zikai              mingjie              yujian              tiannan              tingjian              xiuzhi              jingsheng              guoping              gongquan              weixing              guoxiang              guowei              boxiong              zhongyun              mengbo              yujun              dezhi              junyan              yiqing              jingyao              youxiang              jianfeng              baohua              fuzhi              xianbin              shengkun              yanpei              zhaoxing              yansi              jicai              ruiqing              zhimin              ziliang              wenguang             

Examples of "zhenghu"
This video documents the story of Chinese citizen Feng Zhenghu and his struggles to return home.
The Shanghai authorities rejected Feng Zhenghu, originated from Wenzhou, Jiejiang, China, from returning to the country for a total of eight times in 2009. On 4 November 2009, Feng Zhenghu attempted to return home for the ninth time but the police from Shanghai used violence and kidnapped him to board a flight to Japan. Feng refused to enter Japan and decided to live in the Immigration Hall at Terminal 1 of the Narita Airport in Tokyo, as an act of protest.
The author of "Hexie Farm" remains anonymous for safety reasons; no photo or personal information of him has been released. He is simply referred to with the pen name of Crazy Crab. He is a fan of "Calvin and Hobbes" as well as "Snoopy". He began drawing political cartoons after reading news about Feng Zhenghu, and Tang Fu-zhen self-immolation incident.
Ai Weiwei and his assistant Gao Yuan, went from Beijing to interview Feng Zhenghu three times at the Narita Airport of Japan on 16 November 20 November 2009 and 31 January 2010, and documented his life at the airport passageway and the entire process of his return to China.
Feng Zhenghu (born 1 July 1954) is a Chinese economist and scholar based in Shanghai. Citing Amnesty International, "The Guardian" said that Feng was "a prominent human rights defender" in China. In 2001 he was sent to prison for three years ostensibly for "illegal business activity". He was released in 2004 and has since written critical pieces highlighting alleged malpractice by local governments and forced evictions.
A group of NGOs protested a month before the expo against the alleged displacement of 18,000 families in the Shanghai area in connection with the Expo. Dissident Feng Zhenghu was detained in mid April 2010 for threatening to publicly seek redress for them in the courts. According to the U.S. government-run Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Shanghai authorities used the expo as an excuse to conduct a surveillance, propaganda, and detention campaign against members of the banned Falun Gong spiritual group.
On 3 November 2010, Ai said the government had informed him two months earlier that the newly completed studio would be knocked down because it was illegal. Ai complained that this was unfair, as he was "the only one singled out to have my studio destroyed". "The Guardian" reported Ai saying Shanghai municipal authorities were "frustrated" by documentaries on subjects they considered sensitive: two of the better known ones featured Shanghai resident Feng Zhenghu, who lived in forced exile for three months in Narita Airport, Tokyo; another well-known documentary focused on Yang Jia, who murdered six Shanghai police officers.
It is worth noting that holding a Chinese passport does not grant the holder's right to return to China. In November 2009, Feng Zhenghu, a Chinese national and scholar, was denied entry to China for eight times after his medical treatment in Japan despite holding a valid Chinese passport and having no other nationalities. On four occasions, he successfully boarded the flight bound for Shanghai but was subsequently deported by Chinese immigration authorities. Feng refused to pass immigration control in Narita Airport and remained in the pre-immigration area for three months until he received guarantee made by Chinese diplomats in Japan to allow his return. After returning to China in February 2010, he was immediately placed under house arrest. The Chinese government was reported to maintain a black list which contains a list of individuals, both Chinese and foreign, that were not to enter the country.