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Although Yongqi gives in and marries Zhihua, Zhihua remains a virgin after marrying Yongqi for quite a long time. But eventually, ErKang and Ziwei persuade Xiaoyanzi that Zhihua has the right to have a child of Yongqi. Xiaoyanzi, being convinced, forced Yongqi to enter Zhihua's room. Not long later, Zhihua is found pregnant.
Hao Zhihua runs a Wushu and t'ai chi school in Oakland, California.
Known for her talent in painting ('hua'), Zhihua is accurately named. She is a daughter of the Chen family, a family that has close ties with the empress dowager. Hoping to find Yongqi a more proper wife who can bear a child, the empress dowager proposes a match between Zhihua and Yongqi. Although Yongqi first does not want a second wife, he reluctantly gives in when Xiao Jian's life is at risk. Zhihua later has Yongqi's child, Mian Yi, but in the end, Yongqi leaves the Forbidden City with Xiaoyanzi, abandoning Zhihua and her son.
In 2012, Aesop Rock featured Hao Zhihua in the music video to his single called ZZZ Top.
Yonqi marries Zhihua, as the empress dowager requests. The empress dowager also sends many servants to come and serve the couple. First, they pretend that they really love each other. However, Zhihua really loves Yongqi, and forces him to bathe with her, which angers Xiaoyanzi.
Hao Zhihua appeared in the 1987 video documentary titled This is Kung Fu with fellow Beijing Wushu Team member, Jet Li.
Under the implied authorization of the town councilor, the steamroller crushed over the body of He Zhihua who was killed on the spot.
Wáng Zhèn (王振) was the first Ming Dynasty eunuch with power in the court. The Zhihua Si Temple in Beijing was built in 1443 at his order.
He Zhihua (1963 - 2012) (1963-2012) was a resident of Lianhua Village, Yuelu District, Changsha City in Hunan Province, People’s Republic of China. On 16 September 2012, when protesting against the construction of a local road that caused serious damage to his home, He Zhihua was deliberately crushed to death by a steamroller under the order of the local Chinese Communist Party official Ling Yun(凌云).
On 16 September 2012, when again confronting the local official at the road construction site, He Zhihua was slapped on the face by the town councilor Ling Yun. In a rage, He Zhihua laid down on the road and shouted “Crush me if you wish.” And it was alleged by eyewitness that the town councilor replied “So what, this road cannot be built without a few deaths.”
The story starts off with Xiaoyanzi accidentally losing a child. The empress dowager is now increasingly unhappy with Xiaoyanzi, believing she is not ladylike to be Yongqi's wife, particularly in carrying on the family line. At the same time, Qing'er and Xiaoyanzi's brother, Xiao Jian, were also in love. But empress dowager dislike Xiao Jian, especially after when she finds that Xiaoyanzi and Xiao Jian's father was killed by Qianlong. She thinks that the siblings may want to kill Qianlong for revenge. Before she finds out this fact, they went to Chen's family, where she met Zhihua. The Dowager likes Zhihua more than Xiaoyanzi, and wants Zhihua to marry Yongqi. After returning to the imperial palace, the empress dowager makes a plan to separate Yongqi and Xiaoyanzi, Qing'er and Xiao Jian. She threatens them that she would kill Xiao Jian if Yongqi does not marry Zhihua, and requests that Zhihua should be wife and Xiaoyanzi should be a concubine. To save Xiao Jian's life, they accept the empress dowager's conditions and Xiao Jian is sent away.
Sean is a CID officer and team leader. Together with his elite team of investigators, Zhang Zhihua, Lin Yaoshan and Wu Guoxiong, and forensic scientist Fang Jiayi, they tackle several cases.
Zhong Zhihua (; born July 1962) is a Chinese educator and physicist. He was President of Hunan University from July 2005 to September 2011, and now serves as president of Tongji University.
After getting into a teen brawl to protect his friend, Zach (Ian Fang), one night while watching a Getai performance, Jianhao (Edwin Goh) gets sent to a Boys' Home for six months. He decides to start afresh, working hard to retake his O-levels with the help of his girlfriend Shan Shan (Kimberly Chia). His mother, Huifang (Chiang Tsu-ping), arranges for him to help out in her stall at Bugis Street. However, due to his loyalty to his "brother" Zach, he follows him to join a triad gang, Yi Ren Tang, led by Zhihua (Li Nanxing) to get protection against a rival gang, Gang 660, which was run by their enemy, Alex's (Xavier Ong) father, Guodong (Liu Kai Chi). One day, during a fight between Gang 660 and Zach, Square (Phua Yida) and Jianhao, Zach uses a brick to hit Alex's head. As a result, Alex ends up in a vegetative state, and dies soon after. Guodong promises to take revenge for his son. The boys become fugitives overnight, running away from Guodong and the police. Huifang seeks Zhihua's help, revealing that Jianhao is actually his biological son which she refused to abort 17 years ago. Huifang begs Zhihua to save Jianhao. Zhihua agrees, and manages to find Jianhao. He wants to send him overseas to escape. However, before Jianhao sets off, Guodong and his gang finds both Jianhao and Zhihua, entering into yet another bloody fight. This time, Zhihua gets stabbed to death by Guodong. The police arrive in time just before Guodong is about to hit Zach with a metal pipe. Guodong, Zach and Jianhao get arrested and sent to jail. Jianhao is released before Zach, and decides to turn over a new leaf, with the encouragement of his mother, sister Xin Xin and Shan Shan.
Qin won a Golden Award in the Advertisement Model category of the 1999 National Nominate Newcomer Competition (全国推新人大赛). In February 2003, when Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao and her team were holding auditions in Beijing, Qin was selected from a pool of 200 candidates to play a new character, "Chen Zhihua," in the television series "My Fair Princess III".
Shen Zhihua (; born April 1950 in Beijing) is a professor of history at East China Normal University and adjunct professor at Peking University and Renmin University of China. Shen is an expert in the history of the Soviet Union, Sino-Soviet relations, and the Cold War.
Wu Bin () (born 1937) is a wushu coach who has produced more wushu champions than any other coach in China. Among his students are Jet Li, Li Jinheng, Cao Yue, Zhang Guifeng, Zhang Hongmei, Hao Zhihua, Huang Qiuyan, Wang Ying, Sun Qibo, Tang Laiwei, Kenny Perez (his first American wushu student and representative), and Wang Fang.
Liu Zhihua (; born 1949) is a former vice-mayor of Beijing. He was dismissed in 2006, and received a suspended death sentence for taking bribes of over six million yuan (valued at the time at over US$1 million) in October 2008.
Hao Zhihua is the only person in China's history to have won six gold medals, in addition to one silver medal, in a single national competition. She is also one of only two wushu athletes who have ever received the "Ten Best Athletes in China" award. In total, she accumulated over 80 gold, silver, and bronze medals during her competitive career.
Zheng Zhihua (; born 14 November 1961) is a Taiwanese singer. When he was two, he contracted polio and became permanently paralyzed from the waist down. He started his career in the late 1980s and enjoyed great success and popularity during the early 1990s in both Taiwan and mainland China. He announced his retirement in January 1999, but in 2005 he reemerged.