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jianhua              zhimin              yanming              yanfeng              weiping              xiaoyan              guowei              guoqing              zhihong              yijun              yongqing              jianjun              rongxiang              jingyao              xiaohua              wenjun              guoping              xiaojun              xiaolong              xuesong              xufeng              haitao              zhibin              xiaohong              yongjun              guofu              jianlin              tingyu              shengwu              xiaoguang              yuping              hanqing              yanbin              lijia              zhixian              wenyi              xianbin              weiqing              xiaobing              ziming              hongwei              guoliang              jiali              yuhe              weiying              yunfeng              jingyu              haiqing              wenbin              wenjie             

Examples of "zhiyong"
Yibang is released from prison and tries to find some work. At the same time, Zhiyong has been getting into trouble and by chance, their paths cross. Yibang sees his old self in Zhiyong and attempts to help Zhiyong before he goes on the road of no return. To his shock, he later discovers that Zhiyong is his long-lost biological son. Can Yibang help Zhiyong before it is too late?
The music for the series was composed by Zhou Zhiyong (周志勇).
Zhiyong Cedric Xia, 1994; Tian Jian Lu, 1995; Xiangyang Shawn Deng, 1996;
Well known activist Xu Zhiyong also went to crime scene to conduct his own investigation.
The New Citizens' Spirit was first established by Xu Zhiyong in his article "New Citizens' Spirit - Free, Righteous, Loving".
Shi Zhiyong held the world record in the 62 kg class with 153 kg in snatch for 12 years.
Shi Zhiyong (; born 10 October 1993 in Wutong Town, Guilin) is a Chinese weightlifter and Olympic gold medallist.
It is the residential compound of well-known financier Qiao Zhiyong (乔致庸/喬致庸, 1818—1907), who was the most famous member of the Qiao family. A 2006 Chinese television series, "Qiao's Grand Courtyard", was also shot here. The series, directed by Hu Mei, chronicles the life of Qiao Zhiyong with some artistic license applied.
The name "New Citizens' Movement" was proposed by Xu Zhiyong, a prominent legal scholar and civil rights lawyer, in his article "China's New Citizens' Movement" in May 2012.
Yao Zhiyong and his group of friends are a gang of rebellious teenagers who call themselves the WCS. They regularly get into fights with rival gangs. On one such occasion, Zhiyong and his friends had a close brush with the law when the police were called in. At home, he has been walking the thin line by trying to keep his "extracurricular activities" away from his mother.
In 2005, IronMind worked with the event’s co-founder, Jim Lorimer, to bring Shi Zhiyong and Zhang Guozheng – the two gold medalists from China’s 2004 Olympic men’s weightlifting team – to Columbus, Ohio, for the weightlifting exhibition at that year’s festival.
Shi Zhiyong (; born February 10, 1980 in Longyan, Fujian) is a Chinese weightlifter. He became Olympic Champion during the 2004 Summer Olympics. He lifted a total of 325 kg, equalising the World record at that time.
After Gong Meng was shut down, Xu Zhiyong and supporters adopted the name "Citizens" to continue their cause. In May 2012, Xu formally established the "New Citizens' Movement" and "New Citizens' Spirit" as the high-level concept of their activism.
Xu Zhiyong, Teng Biao, and another doctoral student from Peking University raised the unconstitutionality of the investigation in the Sun Zhigang case; initiated a grassroots local people’s congress primary election procedure.
On January 26, 2014, the Beijing Number One Intermediate People's Court sentenced Xu Zhiyong to a four-year prison sentence. The conviction was for assembling crowds with the intent to disrupt public spaces.
The series chronicles the life of late Qing Dynasty financier and businessman Qiao Zhiyong, the most famous member of the Qiao Family from Qi County, Shanxi. The series start during the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor when Qiao Zhiyong, a young scholar, leaves for Beijing for the imperial examination. The death of his sick elder brother Qiao Zhiguang forces Zhiyong to return home without sitting for the papers. His sister-in-law, Madam Cao, compels Qiao to take on the family's business, although he is initially reluctant to do so because he prefers academic studies. But with the Qiao's family business in arrears, Qiao marries Lu Yuhan, daughter of the wealthy Shanxi merchant Lu Dake, against his will, to save his family from bankruptcy. As a result, he forgoes marrying his childhood sweetheart, maternal cousin Jiang Xueying.
Shandong Luneng purchased Gao Ming in early 1995. The club paid 3 million RMB together with Liu Zhiyong and Qin Sheng to Qingdao Jonoon. He joined Shandong Luneng with a big expectation. However, he could not secure a position in Shandong Luneng in 2005.
Chinese authorities have always tried to monitor and suppress the New Citizens' Movement. Xu Zhiyong, founder of the movement, was arrested on July 16, 2013. Another prominent businessman and financial supporter of the movement, Wang Gongquan, was arrested on Sep 13, 2013.
Xu Zhiyong was released on bail on August 23, 2009. The Australian newspaper "The Age" reported that the release of Xu, Zhuang and another Chinese dissident, Ilham Tohti, was in part due to pressure on Beijing from the administration of American President Barack Obama.
A researcher at Texas A&M University, Zhiyong Cai, has researched wood warping, and was working on a computer software program in 2003 to help manufacturers make changes in the manufacturing process so that wood doesn't arrive at its destination warped after it leaves the mill or factory.