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Examples of "zingerle"
Zingerle is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Andreas Zingerle (born 25 November 1961) is a former Italian biathlete. At the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Zingerle won a bronze medal in the relay. At the World Championships Zingerle accumulated one individual gold medal and three golds and a bronze in relay and team events.
Zingerle became a world champion in the downhill in 1935.
Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle (6 June 1825 – 17 September 1892) was an Austrian poet and scholar
Franz Zingerle (December 11, 1908 – June 12, 1988) was an Austrian alpine skier and world champion.
Pius Zingerle (17 March 1801 – 10 January 1881) was an Austrian Orientalist.
Zingerle died at the Abbey of Marienberg near Meran, 10 January 1881.
He learned semitic languages from Pius Zingerle and Father Vincenti, and taught himself Ge'ez.
Leopold Zingerle (born 10 April 1994) is a German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for 1. FC Magdeburg.
Hermann Zingerle (31 March 1870 – 25 April 1935) was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist born in Trento.
His name is associated with Zingerle's automatosis (Zingerle syndrome), a condition in which an individual experiences visual hallucinations taking place during automatic movements and changes in posture. The term "Zingerle syndrome" was named in his honor by Swiss neurologist Georges de Morsier (1894–1982).
Known for his research of visual hallucinations, he is credited with coining the terms "Charles Bonnet syndrome" (named after Swiss biologist Charles Bonnet) and "Zingerle syndrome" (named after Austrian neurologist Hermann Zingerle) for specific hallucinatory conditions. He also honored his mentor, Gaétan de Clérambault, with a syndrome — it being defined as a hallucinatory state characterized by auditory and visual hallucinations associated with chronic psychosis. The condition was earlier described by Clérambault in the context with his research on mental automatisms.
Zingerle was born, the son of the Roman Catholic theologian and orientalist Pius Zingerle (1801-1881), at Meran. He began his studies at Trento, and entered for a while the Benedictine monastery at Marienberg. Abandoning the clerical profession, he returned to Innsbruck, where, in 1848, he became teacher in the gymnasium, and in 1859 professor of German language and literature at the university. He died at Innsbruck in September 1892.
Entries in the first issue were all named, including acclaimed poet Alissa Quart as well as other authors such as: Vance Osterhout, Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle, Nathanel Bassett, Peter Conlin, and JM Porup.
Kiem won bronze medals in the 4 x 7.5 km relay with teammates Gottlieb Taschler, Johann Passler and Andreas Zingerle at the 1986 Biathlon World Championships in Oslo and the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary.
Hans Vintler (died 1419) was a late medieval Tyrolean poet, author of "Die Pluemen der Tugent" ("The Flowers of Virtue", ed. Zingerle 1874), a didactic poem of 10,172 lines.
the other 10 had been previously copied by Pius Zingerle. But the two volumes published by Bickell in his lifetime (Gießen, 1873 and 1877) contain only 37 homilies. Bedjan's edition, of which the first volume has alone appeared (Paris, 1903) contains 67 poems, viz. 24 previously published (18 by Bickell), and 43 that are new, though their titles are all included in Bickells list.
The Flying Dutchman class (Olympic between 1960 – 1992) was dominated by the Austrian families: Aichholzer and Zingerle. Their two teams took gold and silver. The third place was for Ginés Romero Bernabeu andlvaro Moreno Egea who were beating the Bonaire delegation of Henry Koning and Rob Taal with a minor 0.6 points.
Zingerle was born at Meran, Tyrol. After studying the humanities at Meran, philosophy and two years of theology at Innsbruck, he joined the Benedictines at Marienberg in 1820, took vows, 20 October 1822, and was ordained priest, 4 April 1824. With the exception of six years (1824-7 and 1837-9) during which he was assistant pastor at Platt and at St. Martin, two parishes in the Valley of Passeier, he was professor, since 1852 also director at the gymnasium of Meran. Upon the invitation of Pius IX, he became professor of Oriental languages at the Sapienza in Rome in March, 1862. While in Rome he was also consultor of the Propaganda for Oriental Affairs and scriptor of the Vatican Library.
Zingerle is known as author through his "Zeitgedichte" (Innsbruck, 1848); "Von den Alpen" (1850); "Die Müllerin, a village tale" (1853); "Der Bauer von Longfall" (1874); and "Erzählungen aus dem Burg-grafenamte" (1884). His ethnographical writings and literary studies, dealing especially with Tirol, have, however, rendered him more famous. Among them may be mentioned his editions of "König Laurin" (1859), of the legend, "Von den heyligen drei Kiinigen" (1855); "Sagen aus Tirol" (1850, 2nd ed. 1891); "Tirol Natur, Geschichte und Sage im Spiegel deutscher Dichtung" (1851); "Die Personen- und Taufnamen Tirols" (1855); "Sitten, Bräuche und Meinungen des Tiroler-Volkes" (2nd ed. 1871); "Das deutsche Kinder-spiel im Mittelalter" (2nd ed. 1873); "Schildereien aus Tirol" (1877, new series, 1888). With E. Inama-Sternegg, he edited "Tirolische Weistiimer" (5 vols., 1875-1891).