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The single was announced on March 16, 2012, and a press conference was held on March 30, 2012 at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo to promote the film "". Mana Ashida and the designer of Hello Kitty Yuko Yamaguchi appeared alongside the guest stars. The single was released in both CD Maxi and CD+DVD versions, which included the video for "Zutto Zutto Tomodachi".
"Koi wa Owaranai Zutto" made its chart debut on the weekly Recochoku truetone chart on May 30, 2012, at number 27.
"Zutto.../Last Minute/Walk" is the 53rd single of Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki. It was released on December 24, 2014, by Avex Trax.
First Kaleidscope [sic]: Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku made Zutto Hashitte Yuku is the first mini album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The mini album was released on December 4, 1999, by Tent House.
"Koi wa Owaranai Zutto" was written by Misia and Jun Sasaki, while production of the song was completed by Sasaki. The song was recorded on April 14, 2012. "Koi wa Owaranai Zutto" is Misia's first single co-written and produced by Sasaki since "Aitakute Ima" (2009). In a press release regarding the release of the single, Misia explained, "Love, even if lost, is something that lives on in our memories and can change the course of our lives. After reading the script, I was inspired to put into song this strong feeling of an 'endless love'. I sing this song hoping it will resonate with the viewers."
Ashida voiced the female lead character of Annie in the Japanese anime film adaptation of the Magic Tree House series in the first role in a 2012 film. She performed the theme song of the anime series "Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!". The song, entitled "Zutto Zutto Tomodachi", was also used in the 2012 anime film "". Ashida also appeared in the film, as Princess Mana. The song was released as a single on 16 May 2012, and reached number 17 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Charts.
"Zutto Futari de" is the fourth single from Beni under the label Universal Japan. The leading song is a theme song for Recochoku as well as the program "UtaSta" while "With U" is an Orion Beer commercial song and the theme song for ""Go! Shiodome Jamboree Wasshoi 2009"". The leading song "Zutto Futari de" debuted on 15 July 2009, at the #2 place on the Recochoku download. The 2nd day the song rose to the #1 position. After 3 days the song went back to its #2 place.
The album title, My Short Stories' message is "Zutto kono Arubamu wo tsukuritakute, sono monogatari wa, YUI kara hajimatta" (ずっと このアルバムを 作りたくて、その物語は YUIから 始まった) which means in English "I have always wanted to make this album. This short story is all started from YUI."
Emotions is Thelma Aoyama's second studio album, and her third album overall. The album was released on September 9, 2009. Two singles have been released from this album, " and ". "Kono Mama Zutto" was not included in this album. Aoyama also released "Motions - Thelma Clips Vol. 1", a collection of her music videos.
Kimizuka first entered the Japanese television industry by working on variety shows under Kin'ichi Hagimoto. He then began writing screenplays for television dramas, including such hits as "Zutto anata ga suki datta" and "Bayside Shakedown". He has branched out into screenplays for film, including the hit "Bayside Shakedown" films, as well as directing.
On October 2, the group released their 33rd single, "Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta," which became their highest selling single (with a reported total of 40,845 copies,) beating Dschinghis Khan's 37,096 copies. On November 11, Berryz Kobo held their special concert at the Nippon Budokan.
It was announced on June 28, 2010 by Kashiwagi Yuki that French Kiss would be formed and debuted with a single , at AKB48 Team-B's stage performance. "Zutto mae kara" was used as the ending theme song for anime "Major sixth season", broadcast on NHK Educational TV. The catchphrase of the group is .
A second season was announced on the main site and started airing on April 2, 2012. The opening song "Zutto" (ずっと) is performed by a popular nico nico singer 少年T (ShounenT)/ 佐香智久 (Sako Tomohisa).
On March 31, 2009 , which was the answer song to Spontania's "Ima Demo Zutto", was released online through ringtone sites. Ito's third album titled Dream was released on May 27, 2009. A single, "Let It Go", was released on November 11, 2009.
Initially "Zutto..." was the only song of the single for which a music video was recorded. The music video, inspired by feelings of "loneliness", and including scenes recorded in a studio with −10° Celsius (14° Fahrenheit), was published on YouTube on December 19, 2014.
Supernova made their Japanese debut in September 2009 with three singles released over three consecutive weeks: "Kimidake wo Zutto", "Hikari", and "Superstar ~Reborn~". The first two singles are new releases, while "Superstar ~Reborn~" is a Japanese remix of their Korean single "Superstar". They released their first Japanese album, titled "Hana", on October 21.
The release of "Dream" comes after just over one year after Ito's second studio album, "Wish". The album includes the three singles that were released in order to promote the album. Also included in the album is the answer song to "Ima Demo Zutto", , featuring hip-hop duo Spontania which was also used to promote the album.
Garnet Crow released their debut album, "" in 2001 in Japan, where it reached number six. "Mysterious Eyes" was their first single and it went to number twenty. Subsequent singles "Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku made Zutto Hashitte Yuku", "Futari no Rocket", "Sen Ijō no Kotoba wo Narabete mo...", "Natsu no Maboroshi" and "Flying" reached the top fifty in Japan.
The ballad "1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite..." was released on December 12, 2012. The B-side track, "Kimi ga Iru Sekai", is another ballad, with piano and percussion. The single comes with a bonus DVD, a 28-page book with photos and lyrics, and a trading card. The music video was released on November 26, 2012.
Along with "Koi wa Owaranai Zutto", the single includes three other tracks: the B-side "Hyakunen'ai", written by essayist and Jun Sasaki, a stripped-down piano version of the title track, and a remixed version of Misia's "Ribbon in the Sky" cover from the album "". The single will be released in two formats: a standard, CD-only edition and a limited edition, which will include a poetry anthology written by Misia herself on the theme of "first love" titled .